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Tag autocomplete + multi-context filter


Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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I really like this new feature. Two suggestions:
1. Would it be possible to provide bookmarkable URLs including
the chosen filters?
2. Is it planned to add this to searches, too?



Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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Posted by PeterW:
Posted by Proximo:
I still can't create a task with multiple context...

I have a @work context, but would like to assign @Call, @Errand, @Computer, etc to the same task.

Hi Proximo,

I use a combination of contexts and tags to achieve this. For example, the context @call will usually have a tag of business or personal. This gives me a bit of flexibility as I can then look at all calls, only work calls, only personal calls, or a combination of both.

The only other suggestion I have is that you could create a few additional contexts, e.g. @work call, @personal call, etc.

My implementation (based on yours) keeps tags for areas of focus and contexts as contexts.

I already use context in combination with tags to achieve what I need, but my point was that I would rather have the ability to assign multiple context.

Honestly. It's really not a big deal anymore, so I don't really care. :-)

Posted: Mar 05, 2010
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Needs one change ...

1. Ability to apply custom filters on a per folder basis.

-Good Work guys.

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Posted: Mar 09, 2010
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When using tag autocomplete (not the picker, the picker works fine), html entities are inserted in their encoded form rather than decoded. e.g. this&that would be inserted as this&.amp;that

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 09, 2010
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Thanks for the bug report.
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