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iPhone updated with multi-sort. Version 1.5.8


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 10, 2010
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Our iPhone app has been updated with a frequently requested feature. You can now sort your list by up to 3 different criteria, just like on the website.

Here is the full list of changes:

* Added the ability to sort your list by up to three different criteria at the same time
* Added "no context" and "no tag" option when filtering tasks.
* The filters dialog will now show the number of filters set in each section.
* Fixes display bug where "No Tag" and "Any Tag" pages didn't have a page title.
* Fixed bug where restoring to the page where you last where wouldn't work correctly when the last place was a tag list.
Martys To Do

Posted: Mar 15, 2010
Score: 0

This was a great upgrade.
Thank you.
Ihna Cho

Posted: Mar 15, 2010
Score: 0

Perfect....just what I was waiting for! Thank you!!

Posted: Mar 17, 2010
Score: 1

App 1.5.8
GREAT - The multiple sort options allow me to NOT sort by Importance
- That's really useful as Importance adds a Due date bias that I feel is not correct (IMHO it should take account of distance into future, but not distance into past)
- and when I sort by Star, the Importance was used by default as the secondary sort (before 1.5.8)
- This allows me to sort by Star then Priority

Why is this important to me ?
I have 50 or more rolling tasks active (on a past due date). Previously I had to multi-edit each day to move older tasks to day
If I didn't do this important tasks due that day would appear way down the list people les important tasks from today

So thanks for this release ... I had a support ticket I had started on this, but this 90% sorts me out

This message was edited Mar 17, 2010.

Posted: Mar 17, 2010
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its not working for me, when I am looking at tasks in priority folders - the first sort by works, but not the preceding two

Posted: Mar 18, 2010
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Multi-sort is great - thank you!

Here's a bug report, though. The small font under the title of a task is used to list the values for additional sort keys. Sometimes we get two values, but if the first field is a Star, we only get one.

Example: if I sort by Priority, then Star, then Due Date, it shows me the due date under the title, and the priority on the right hand side under the task-type-icon.

But if I do what I want, which is to sort first by Star, then by Priority, then by Due Date, it shows me the priority in small print under the task title, and nothing under the task-type icon - i.e., no Due Date. (This is a bug: the right hand slot is used for Due Date in other setups.)

Same problem if I sort first by Star, then by Due Date, then by Priority.

Is there a way of always showing the 2nd and 3rd sort-keys? Thanks.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 19, 2010
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Actually, the right hand slot is always filled with the field that is being sorted by. Since the star doesn't have a text description, that is why it is blank in this instance. It's a good idea to fill it with something though. I'll put this on the list.

Posted: Mar 25, 2010
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Can you use Search through the notes or only through the titles?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 25, 2010
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On the iPhone, search only goes through titles at the moment. We plan to improve this.
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