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Email reminders: Due time


Posted: Dec 07, 2008
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Hi, I'm one of the Sandy rejects.

Just getting to grips with Toodledo; looks a good service.

Couple of questions:

1. When scheduling a task via email - is there any syntax for a 'due time'? I.e. 9.30am Dec 8, 2008.

2. Can Tooledo import another iCal calendar i.e. Google Calendar or Windows live Calendar. Yeah, I know you can import Toodledo into both those calendars.

Thanks for your time.

Posted: Dec 07, 2008
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Check out the help section. Its got a lot of good stuff.

I was using Sandy for must do stuff...call someone in an hour...feed the meter... Toodledo is more of a whole planning system.

Syntax for email can be found under email import. I use it everyday for GTD style task input. Decide what something is and if anything needs to be done about it at the time of discovery.

You can sync with Google calendar and several other programs.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 08, 2008
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The email syntax does not have a way to set the due-time, but you can setup a saved search to list all tasks that have been emailed in to Toodledo. You can periodically review these tasks and assigned due-times as necessary.

Hope that helps.

Posted: Dec 08, 2008
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Oh dear. I'm also a Sandy refugee. Not being able to add due time via email or sms means toodledo is not a Sandy replacement for me :(
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