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Filter out a folder


Posted: Dec 26, 2008
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I put all my groceries in one specific folder called "Groceries". When I walk through the store I have the "Groceries" folder open and check off the different items as I walk through the store. I find this quite convenient. I have then shared this folder with my wife who can put items in the "Groceries" folder.

My issue is with the "Focus list". What I was able to do when I used RTM (which I switched away from since they could not sync with Outlook) was to filter out a folder from the focus list so that the contents of that specific folder only came in to view when I went into the "Groceries" folder. This does not seem to be possible here? If so that clutters my focus-list because it has 10-15 items like "cucumbers" and "potatoes" floating around there. Am I missing something?


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 27, 2008
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No, you aren't missing something. You are trying to use Toodledo as both a task manager and a checklist, which we were not designed to do. Toodledo is primarily a task manager, so we assume that each item is a task. My suggestion is to put all your grocery items into the note of a task "Buy Groceries", or make them subtasks of a parent task called "Buy Groceries". You could also give them a -1 Priority which would make them hidden from your list until you wanted to reveal them.

Hope that helps
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