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Posted: Jan 04, 2009
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I don't want to the hotlist to show high priority items that are farther out. I have tried a few options, but I would welcome suggestions....

(1) I tried setting the priority to show only to "top" - this might be the best

(2) I tried a search for items that are not complete and due in the next 6 days (or whatever). When I do this, I get everything with different date fields (=, >). Why? This is one feature I really like about toodledo that I can repeat tasks, but after they are done I don't see them again until the next time they are done.

Any suggestions?

Also, what are the advantages of using folders and contexts over tags? Seems to me you can do anything with tags that you could do with the other two, and more...just curious as I learn this new system?


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 04, 2009
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To hide tasks in the future, try using start date or the > or = date modifiers that you pointed out. Folders, contexts and tags are just personal preference. Use whichever one you like the best.

Hope that helps.

Posted: Jan 04, 2009
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I find that the > modifier for the date due does not keep a recurring task from showing when Hide Future tasks is selected on the web version. On the iPhone it seems to work correctly.

This message was edited Jan 04, 2009.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 05, 2009
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Thanks for the bug report. We'll look into it.
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