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Colour choice for row styles


Posted: Aug 07, 2011
Score: -1

Thanks for the new row styles.

I'm using the Due Date option and find the red colour somewhat dull (almost brown looking). Would it be possible to provide us with a small palette of colours to chose from?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 08, 2011
Score: 2

Color schemes is something that we plan to add in a future update. In the meantime, you can adjust the colors to your hearts content by using a web browser plugin called Stylish, but you'll have to learn a little CSS first. For example, to make the red color pink instead you would make this custom rule

.date3{color:pink !important;}

Posted: Aug 08, 2011
Score: -1

Thanks - colour schemes would be great.

In case it helps anyone else, I've edited one of my old Stylish scripts for Toodledo to change just the date colours.

Overdue is bright red bold & italics
Due today is bold blue
No due date is regular black text

Toodledo - theme by PeterW - Version 1.0

.date1 {color: #085DB7 !important;}

.date2 {color: #3E7AB4 !important;}

.date3 {
color: #f73b42 !important;
font-weight: bold !important;
font-style: italic !important;

Posted: Nov 04, 2011
Score: 1

Oh my. Yes, PLEASE MAKE A COLOR CHOICE OPTION!!!!! Its not really useful for a new task to be highlighted green. It would probably change my life/save my career if I could opt to have all my work tasks highlighted in green, etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE insert this function!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Nov 09, 2011
Score: -1

In case anyone used my little script, I've updated it to do a few more things.

1. Use Segoe UI font to provide a nicer appearance.

2. Use of colours for due dates
    Overdue is bright red bold (removed italics)
    Due today is bold blue
    No due date is black

3. Formatting for multi-line mode
    Fields are closer together (so more fit on one line)
    Fields are underlined rather than in a box border

This script was done for Chrome. If used in FireFox you will need to insert the usual opening Mozilla statement.

Toodledo - theme by PeterW - Version 1.2

body {font-family: Segoe UI !important;}

.date1 {color: #085DB7 !important;}
.date2 {color: #3E7AB4 !important;}
.date3 {color: #f73b42 !important; font-weight:bold !important; !important;

.dets_top {padding-top:2px !important;}
.del {margin-right:0 !important}
.det {width:auto !important;}

.row:hover .det span,.row:hover .dets_top span,.row:hover .dets_top2 span,.row:hover .note div {
border: none !important;
padding:3px !important;

.det span:hover {text-decoration:underline !important;}
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