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Show current date in bottom bar?


Posted: Aug 12, 2011
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As I'm sure everyone knows, if you leave Toodledo open past midnight, "today" becomes yesterday in the date picker, and all your "tomorrows" in the Due Date column are really due today. Toodledo doesn't auto-refresh ever, so it doesn't know the date has rolled over.

If that's non-trivial to fix, I have a perhaps simpler idea: just show the current date (& maybe time) of last refresh in the new bottom bar; there's plenty of space there. Then it'll at least remind me that TD still thinks it's yesterday before I go and update all my tasks to "today" which isn't really today.

Of course actually making it always know what today is would be even better. ;-)

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 12, 2011
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It is on our to-do list to fix the problem where tomorrow becomes today if you leave the browser open past midnight.
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