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Emailing in Tasks


Posted: Jan 16, 2009
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Is there any syntax to allow you to add a tag when emailing in tasks?



Posted: Jan 17, 2009
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Adding Tasks Via Email
To add a task, send an email to your secret Toodledo email address with the task in the subject. In addition to the name of the task, you can also set the priority, due-date, folder, context and note using a special syntax.

Priority - The default priority is "0 - Low". To set a higher priority use the ! character as many times as necessary. Typing !! would give your task a priority of "2-High".
Due-Date - To set a due-date, use the # symbol and then type the due-date. For example: "#today" or "#Next thursday" or "#5/12/08".
Folder - To set the folder use the * symbol and then type the name of your folder. For example: "*ProjectA".
Context - To set the context use the @ symbol and then type the name of your context. For example: "@home".
Note - Everything in the body of the email will be put into the note field.
Each new piece must be separated by a space followed by the special character. Putting it all together, here are some example email subjects that you could send to add a task:

Call Jim !! @phone #today
Finish the Report ! #next friday *ProjectA @work
Mow the lawn *Chores @home

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 17, 2009
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You cannot add a tag via email right now. We hope to add this in a future update.
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