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Attach an email to a task


Posted: Sep 15, 2011
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Is there away to attach/import/add/refer to an email in a task?

For example, in gmail tasks you can select an email and add it to the task list which will actually create a reference to the email in the task list so that you can access the email from the task. In Outlook you can do the same thing by adding the email to a task.

Is it possible to accomplish this same thing in Toodledo?

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 15, 2011
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The only way to do this currently is to manually copy and paste the gmail email url into the note of the task on Toodledo.

Posted: Dec 29, 2011
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Hi TD team. Gqueues and others can do this. Tighter integration with gmail is a must.
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