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Comparing Google Gadgets of RTM and Toodledo


Posted: Dec 12, 2011
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at the moment iam using Remember the Milk as my primary task management tool. Nevertheless, RTM is rarely supported by Android tools.

Therefore iam looking for an alternative app. What i really like and often use is the igoogle gadget. RTM offers similarly to Toodledo such a gadget but RTM has two gimmicks i want to discuss with you - maybe it is also possible to tweak Toodledos gadget a bit:

RTM shows all tasks well-arranged by days. Each day divides a new group of tasks and this is very handy. Is this also possible with Toodledos gadget? I have not found a setting but maybe i can tweak a XML or something like that.

Furthermore RTM offers (tied to each task) a little drop down menu where one can select one of three entries: 1) completed, 2) Edit and 3) Postpone by 24 hours.
OK, toodledo offers also 1) by marking the checkbox with just one click. RTM needs two (one to pull drop down and one to select completed) and it offers also 2) by selecting the task and press edit.

Here i dont understand why i have to press edit but the gadget dont changes directly to the edit menu. By clicking the task from the task list one gets another display of the task but there is no more information in it. IMO this detailed view which indeed dont shows any more detail is useless. So Toodeldo is not better than RTM by needind two clicks.

Toodledo dont offers 3) - a postpone feature but instead one has to edit the task and need much more clicks than RTM. This is a very handy feature and i want to ask you if you could implement such a feature.

What do you think?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 12, 2011
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We do not have a one click "postpone by 24 hours" feature, but you can do this with a few clicks by editing the due-date of the task.

I'll have to check the RTM app and see what you mean about the task "well-arranged by days" and see if this is something that we can provide. You might consider sorting your list by due-date, which I think might do what you want.

Posted: Dec 13, 2011
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Thanks for the quick answer. I would really appreciate if you could hold also the gadgets UI fresh. Updates are really a great thing on earth.

I made two screenshots regarding "well-arranged by days". The due-date sorting thing which if offered by toodledo just shows a common "Today, Tomorrow, ..." list and it needs another click to see the task behing this entry.


I found another differences in planning tasks with this gadget: In RTM i can schedule a task by writing "Heute" instead of today, which is the german translation. This is also valid for tomorrow (in german: morgen) and every single weekday.

This is a convenient feature. Both, the english and the german translation is accepted by RTM.

That said, there are some other great gadget implementations i would like to see in toodledos gadget:

1) specifying the time in 24 hours scheme. E.g. i can just write 21 and it assumes 9 pm. If i would write 9 it assumes 9 am.
2) specifying just the time and omitting the date: Very helpful, since a lot of tasks are in the next 24 hours: Lets say current time is 9am oclock and i want to schedule a task for tomorrow at 7am. In RTM gadget i need just to write 7 and it automatically fills out the date with the next possible 7am time which is tomorrow.
3) When i finished scheduling a task in toodledo gadget it dont jumps to my preferred list view i set in settings. Instead it shows the detailed page of the task i just finished scheduling. Since i have just planned it i dont want to see the details of this task (which is indeed no more information as in the list itself (see my first post) but want to see the main list again.

What do you think - is there a chance of a similar toodledo implementation?

This message was edited Dec 13, 2011.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 13, 2011
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Thanks for the suggestions. We can't comment on a timeframe for implementation, but these are on our to-do list.
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