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Sync priority


Posted: Dec 16, 2011
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Sorry if this has been asked/answered -- I did search the forums, but find it hard to search them accurately (am I the only one?):

I marked a daily task as completed on the iPhone (I have "sync on edit" turned on) LAST NIGHT.

TODAY, I edited some (unrelated) tasks on the website and, so, manually synched my iPhone app, after that.

The daily task that I marked completed yesterday is now set to be due TOMORROW. It should be due today. The website shows that it was modified today.

Any ideas why?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 16, 2011
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You must have checked it off twice by accident. Or perhaps you have it set to "repeat from completion" and you completed it last night after midnight, which would mean that 1 day from "today" is tomorrow.
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