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SMS reminders


Posted: Feb 04, 2009
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I'd like to receive SMS reminders from ToodleDo but my carrier doesn't understand "Email to SMS gateway address". I've tested the format yournumber@carrier.com by sending myself an email but that doesn't work.

Anyone here on the O2 UK network who's successfully set this up and can advise on syntax? Thanks

Posted: Mar 25, 2009
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I've finally found the answer to my own question.

O2 don't actually know about it because it's legacy stuff from when they were BT Cellnet - I found it on a forum discussion dated 2002.

For anyone else on the O2 UK network who's interested in receiving text message reminders from ToodleDo here's how to set it up - but caution - I haven't yet checked how much I'm being charged.

1. Send an SMS to phone number 212 with message saying "ON"
2. Your email to SMS address is now activated: 44nnnnnnn@mmail.co.uk (n= your mobile number omitting preceding zero)
3. Send a test email to yourself to make sure it's working.


Posted: Mar 27, 2009
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If you want the SMS addresses for the most popular carriers in the US, you can find them here:

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