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Numerical tags beyond 10 for sorting


Posted: Jul 12, 2012
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As always, let me preface by saying that ToodleDo is THE reason why I was able to switch from Palm to iPhone way back when, and it continues to be my top app. Number One. I use the app and the Web page each and every day, both are fantastic, cannot imagine life without them.

One thing that might make life a little bit easier for me personally, and might affect others who are doing this as well...I use the Tag column as a means of sorting tasks in the order that I want to complete them any given day. The only issue with that is, I'm a busy guy, and beyond 10 tasks, I wind up using letters to sort for that day versus numbers. BECAUSE after 10, if you use 11, 12, 13, they wind up sorting next to the 1, not the 10. It's a problem, but I'm wondering if this is an easy fix for the developers at ToodleDo? No problem for me using letters instead of numbers until I hit days with repeating tasks where I've already used numbers (numbers take priority over letters btw).

I've got ToodleDo down exactly where I like and need it to be, this is about the ONLY thing that would make it perfect.

Thanks for listening.

Posted: Jul 12, 2012
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TOPIC CLOSED - as soon as I finished typing this, my wife said to me "why don't you just start with 01, 02, etc." guess what? That works. Thanks anyway! Now it IS perfect.
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