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Looking for iPhone task list not TD's


Posted: Aug 25, 2012
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I already have TD for iPhone, and it's ok. But I'm looking for a grocery list app to replace SplashShopper which is no longer working for me. I have a few alternatives.

I can, and have, at least partially, created a grocery list in a separate free TD account, and at least at first glance, looks like it might work well. However, since the iPhone app will only allow me to be connected to one TD account, if I made this switch to using the TD grocery list, I'd have to get another task management app that syncs with my TD work account. So I'm looking for recommendations on which of the iPhone apps that sync with TD are the best. Mainly I want to be able to add tasks to TD from my iPhone, which is almost all I do now in the TD iPhone app. But I would like at least viewing capability of all my tasks. Viewing my TD Saved Searches is probably too much to ask. I haven't heard of any app that does that yet!

This, of course, opens up another possibility. I could choose an iPhone app what syncs with TD for my task list that could also do my grocery list! So many options. So I'm also looking for recommendations for task/list manager apps that sync w/ TD that could cover all my bases here. I'n not sure this will work, but I'm open to your ideas.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 25, 2012
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Have you considered using one Toodledo account and using a folder to hold the grocery list?

Posted: Aug 25, 2012
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Thanks for the prompt reply.

To answer your question, not really. I needed more than that to get the features I wanted and couldn't find in the gazillions of iPhone apps, and a dedicated TD basic account did the trick. I've already set it up, and I'll describe it in the Tips & Tricks forum after I've had a chance to use it.
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