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List of tags feature?


Posted: Apr 25, 2008
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Hopefully someone hasn't already posted this, but search seems to be broken - only getting one result and being taken directly there, just like hitting the "I feel lucky!" button in Google. Five minutes ago, the search worked . . .

I would really like to be able to click something to see a list of tags that I have used before. The dynamic list that currently shows up is close, but it:
(a) only shows the full entries in that field, and I want to see individual tags (since certain tags tend to only be entered at the ends of entries - I tend to enter tags in the same order)
(b) doesn't display all the tags I've ever used

Ideally, this would be a list of links, and if I clicked the link for the tag I wanted, it would be added to my list for the current task. I think Blogger has similar functionality for tagging blogs.

I'm always forgetting - is that tag, "Organization"? "Organize"? Is is "cooking" or "food"? Do I already have a tag for family or kid related stuff?

I really like my tags :-) They make folders and contexts pretty much irrelevent for me.

Posted: Apr 28, 2008
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I'd like to see this too.
I agree that it would almost make Folders irrelevent. I'd still use contexts though.

BTW, is the dynamic list something being done by your browser?
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