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POSSIBLE BUG: Auto-create Due Dates on Repeat?? I don't want the


Posted: Mar 05, 2009
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On the i-Phone App I set things to repeat xTimeInterval from completion (eg. 6 weeks). I use this for shopping, so I can re-stock, for example I'll create a task "Buy Pasta" to repeat 6 weeks after completion (meaning after I buy it, I will be reminded on a shopping trip 6 weeks [or more] later to buy pasta).

When I check this task off (complete it), the app creates the task now (i.e. it is not a future task) and sets the due date for 6 weeks ahead. This is annoying because 1) I don't want a due date and 2) I can't hide it using hide future tasks.

This is not what I want and to my knowledge not what 'should' be happening.

Please Help,


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 05, 2009
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Sorry, there is no way for Toodledo to wait 6 weeks before creating the task. All repeating tasks are rescheduled immediately with a future due-date. You should be able to use the "hide future tasks" filter. I don't know why this isn't working for you. You might consider using a start-date as well to make it hidden until the date arrives.

Posted: Mar 06, 2009
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I have a similar issue. I love the repeating task feature but for most tasks, I really only want a repeating start date, not a repeating end date. Most tasks don't have a hard and fixed due date (I'm a GTD guy) and as such I don't want to put a due date on it unless it is *actually* due that day.

For example, every two months I want to replace the air filter. So, I'd schedule a task with a start date of Mar 1st and set it to repeat bimonthly based on the completion date so that whenever I do get around to it, I wouldn't be reminded again until 2 months after that. A wonderful "tickler" feature. However, it currently gets a due date assigned when it repeats even though I didn't have a due date on the task to begin with.

If the task only had a start date defined and not a due date, can't the repeating functionality just set the start date on the new task and leave the due date blank?


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 06, 2009
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We hope to support this in a future update.
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