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Mass editing


Posted: Sep 22, 2012
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Please forgive me if this question has already been asked but I could not find a thread asking about it.

Quite often I want to select more than one task at a time to change one or more of the fields, i.e. change the context or folder or other.

Unless I'm missing something, currently I have to edit the field one task at a time. This really is a problem for me and is making me consider a different task management program.

Is there a way to do it or is it in development?


Posted: Sep 22, 2012
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Go to the help section and search for multi-edit, and see if this is what you have been searching for.

Posted: Sep 22, 2012
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In Toodledo, you can't select a bunch of tasks and then edit one or more fields for all the selected tasks. But, you can Search tasks that have something in common (e.g. Due Date in the past) and then edit all those tasks by using the the Multi-Edit tool.

Take a look at this: Explanation of Search and Multi-Edit.
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