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Siri integrating with Contexts too?


Posted: Sep 29, 2012
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Thanks for adding the Siri integration feature - it makes for a much easier integration with voice input.

But I'd like to ask that you consider enabling another style of integration between Siri/Reminders and TD. Currently you match the Reminders List name to a TD Folder name, and create a new TD Folder if that name doesn't already exist. But could we also have the option of having it match @Contexts as well or instead?

Why? For some tasks, setting a Context and the title are enough; I don't need to add it to a Folder as well. And particularly for those tasks that strike me when I'm out and about and therefore using Siri, it's harder to set multiple fields for the task.

So if have a few Siri/Reminders Lists that are based on location (such as Church, Shops, College), then I'd like to be able to ask Siri to "Add <task> to College list" and it land up in TD with the @College context if there isn't a matching Folder name but there is an existing context with that name.

Would others like this too?
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