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Posted: Nov 05, 2012
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i cant't find anything about how to use the notebook part. I would like that it is made into a section in wich you can make notes and than afterwards export parts of the text to the to-do-list.
for instance taking notes/minutes during a meeting, than afterwards select a sentence or a word, rightclick en make it a to-do item (similar to Quick Add Task). later on you can modifie the task.

Posted: Nov 05, 2012
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You can do exactly that, almost. You have the right idea. You highlight the text you want, then right click, select "copy" from the context menu, then to and click on "New task", and right click in the Task description field and select "paste" from the context menu. Voila, you have a new task!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 05, 2012
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The notebook is meant as a location to store non-task related notes. But you can use it as meeting notes and then copy and paste to make new tasks as Salgud has explained.

Posted: Nov 06, 2012
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Does anyone know if a notebook can be shared with a collaborator?
Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Nov 06, 2012
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The notebook section is not yet sharable. Only tasks can be shared. This is on our to-do list, but in the meantime, you can put your ideas into a task and it will be sharable.

Posted: Nov 06, 2012
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I wish the notebook had the capability of collecting all task notes from a particular folder and gathering them into a list. That would give me a really quick way to scan down and see why things aren't moving, if they're waiting or on hold. As it is, I have to click into every single task notes field to read it, which isn't user-friendly.

I don't use the notebook to take meeting notes because I need to export my notes to other people, and also store them in other places. If Toodledo gave the option to export a note as an email or a dropbox folder, that would be helpful. None of my colleagues are using it so I can't share the project with them.
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