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Lost an entire Task


Posted: Dec 10, 2012
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An entire Task with subtask is lost or deleted. How can I find it, I did a search?

Posted: Dec 10, 2012
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First go to Settings and, at the far top left, click on "Recently Deleted Tasks". You'll see any tasks that you've deleted in the past week, including any subtasks.

If the missing tasks are not in this list then you haven't deleted them recently.

Next, try a Quick Search and, if that doesn't find the task, do a Search and specify whatever information you remember about the task.

Hope that helps.

Posted: Dec 13, 2012
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I found notes on all tasks deleted. I never knowingly deleted them. How can I get them back? Thanks
Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Dec 13, 2012
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You should also be able to see the reason the task was deleted in that same section. Unfortunately, there is no way to undelete a task. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This message was edited Dec 13, 2012.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 13, 2012
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It sounds like you might be syncing with a 3rd party app that is misbehaving. We have never heard of all notes getting deleted before.
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