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How do I set up ToodleDo for trash reminders

Thad & Cindy

Posted: Feb 20, 2013
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I would like have a ToodleDo task appear in my daily list on Tuesdays to remind me to take out the trash. I only want to see the task on the day it is due. After all, there's no point in reminding me on Sunday to have the trash out Wednesday morning. I want to see that reminder on Tuesday only.

Regardless of whether or not I complete the task, I want it to disappear from my list of chores and I want it to reappear the following week.

How do I set ToodleDo up for this?


Posted: Feb 21, 2013
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There are a couple of ways to do this. I have created my own Hotlist which only shows tasks with status "Next Action" or Due Date earlier than tomorrow (simplified explanation for our purpose here). Then, create a task that repeats every Tues. with Status "Next Action". It will only show up on your custom Hotlist on Tues.

I'm sure others have different ways of making this happen.
Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Feb 21, 2013
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You can also set a start date with the same due date. Then, if you filter out future tasks the task will only appear on the day it's due every week. You can hide future tasks by clicking on "show" in the dark blue menu. Hope this helps!

This message was edited Feb 21, 2013.

Posted: Feb 21, 2013
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This seems to be what "optionally on" is intended to do.

Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Feb 21, 2013
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Yes, setting the due date to "optionally on" will allow the task to move forward to the next occurrence, whether it was checked off or not.
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