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Multi-edit assign as subtask to parent task?


Posted: Apr 03, 2013
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I have numerous projects that follow roughly the same to-do list. But they do vary in complexity, so I don't particularly want to create a template task with subtasks.

What I'd like to be able to do is import tasks with a tag set, then search for tasks with this tag, clear it and assign the matched tasks as subtasks to a parent.

Generate dispositions
Generate standard lookups
South kore migration
South app migration

all tagged with "unparented"

I import them (or a varying list of tasks) all tagged with "unparented". On import, I search for "unparented", untag them and assign them as subtasks to parent task "client x". (This is what I don't think Toodledo lets me do at present-- am I wrong?)

Then for the next client, I'd prepare a new list of subtasks and do the same.

The list of subtasks is large enough that I'm using a short Python script to generate the XML for importing into Toodledo.

Thanks for any help,


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Apr 03, 2013
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If you are already writing a Python script, you might as well integrate it with our API and then programmatically do everything the way you want.

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