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Thanks for fixing site, Outlines button was alone at top


Posted: Jun 07, 2013
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Wow, I was just about to post this, but did a page refresh and it all came back.

My task list in ToodleDo was seriously messed up, and unusable:

* No left column, so I couldn't change view

* No top bar, so I couldn't create a new task or search

* The "Outline" button was the only button visible at all

I was dreading this at first, thinking it is one of those "simpler and flatter is better, let's hide everything you need until you mouse over the secret area" redesigns. Glad it's not! Please never do this. I was struggling to figure out how to create a new task.

Thanks for fixing it!


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 07, 2013
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Sounds like your browser's cache got a little messed up and that reloading the page fixed it. This happens sometimes to any website.
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