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Due Dates for Waiting Tasks?


Posted: Apr 15, 2009
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What do you think about when a task is placed in waiting the due date is deleted, or not taken into account when looking for tasks that are not done?

There is probably a better way but that was the first thing that came to mind.

I can see the need for it to have a due date still, but if you are waiting for someone to get you more information on a task it's kind of out of your hands. I'm anal so when I see overdue tasks that are in waiting it kinda bums me out.

If someone has a suggestion I'd appreciate it.

Posted: Apr 15, 2009
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I don't think it would be a good idea for due dates to be deleted for tasks marked waiting. If the task is overdue, you should probably have access to that information even if there is something out of your control. If you don't want to see things that you cannot take action on, you can use the "Hide all deferred tasks" filter. This will take care of anything with a waiting status as well, and you can toggle it on and off as you like.
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