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Can I change order of field display?


Posted: Nov 16, 2013
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This is probably a newbie question, but is it possible to change the order that fields are displayed in grid mode? My preferred display is by folders in grid mode and I would like to move the "status" field closer to name of the task so that I don't have to scroll to see it, but I would still like to be able to use "tags", "goals", "duration" etc. If possible, I would prefer to only see all the fields in the multi-line mode and only the fields that I use the most in the grid mode.
Wayne T.

Posted: Nov 16, 2013
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Yes, you can change the order and size of fields in grid mode.
See this page for how to do it:


Which fields are visible is determined by two factors:
1) Which fields are enabled in your settings
2) Your sort criteria
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