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Showing Tasks in Google Calendar


Posted: Feb 06, 2014
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I use Google Calendar as my primary reference for important events/tasks of the Day. How is it that Tasks entered in "Ultimate ToDo List" App(using separate calendar)show immediately in Google Calendar whereas it takes an entire day for dated Tasks entered in Toodledo to register in Google Calendar? This is retarding my workflow.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 06, 2014
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This is because Toodledo uses the "iCal subscribed calendar" protocol which allows any calendar (not just google) to sync your Toodledo tasks. Google has decided to only refresh these subscribed calendars once a day.

Ultimate ToDo List must be using the Google Calendar API to interact directly with Google Calendar and add events instantly. We could do this too, and in fact we have this on our to-do list to explore in the future.
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