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sync failing with two step verification v3.2.4


Posted: May 04, 2014
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Ever since i enabled two step verification my ios app fails to sync.
Weirdly, if i disable two step then re-enable it works ok for a few hours.
When i open the ios app later on it says unable to sign in , error 1003
So i re-login but no good until i turn off two step verification and back on again.

any tips please?

Posted: May 04, 2014
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have just noticed the bit about an application specific/unique password.
now using that….

update: 2 hours later-
No that didnt solve it. Still denying access with the ios app.
anyone have a solution?


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Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 04, 2014
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If you enable 2-factor authentication you will need to use an app-specific password for our iOS app. You can create one on this website and then go into the app and enter it instead of your regular password.
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