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Context field sometimes seems "read-only"


Posted: Jun 09, 2014
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I noticed this last week but figured it was some kind of fluke that would soon disappear, but I'm running in to it again: I'll be editing recently-added tasks, updating all of the context -- normally, I click the context field of the next task with my mouse and then type the first letter of the context that I want to assign. But the context field will turn "read only" on me so that, if I type a "D" in the context field, I'll be suddenly switched into "due date view."

I'm using Firefox 29.0.1.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 09, 2014
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I was not able to reproduce this issue. Can you see if a different web browser has the same problem for you? Does it happen all the time or just some of the time?

Posted: Jun 30, 2014
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Sorry for the delay in checking back and responding.

I really only use Firefox, so it's hard to test other browsers, but I'll try.

It is inconsistent, but frequent. It is 'some of the time,' but it doesn't seem to be going away.
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