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SMS Text reminder


Posted: May 19, 2009
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I have set up my account to send SMS text reminder to my phone when the task is due. Recently i starting getting those SMS alerts 1 hour before the task is due. Usually i get it very close to the reminder time i set.. but recently it has become very erratic either it comes 1hr or 2hrs before the reminder time or 1hr after the reminder time.

for example, i set a task reminder at 9am eastern, i get reminder at 7am itself or at 10 am.

I checked my account and the time zone is set correctly to Eastern time zone. So not sure if this is a bug or if i am doing something wrong. Any suggestions?


Posted: May 19, 2009
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I don't use the SMS reminders, but I know some carriers can be problematic in terms of delays in SMS from email (I had this problem with Sprint before, but they seem to have improved). Also, not that this would explain the erratic nature of your reminders, but what is your lead time set as in the reminders settings?

Posted: May 19, 2009
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The page where you setup SMS reminders has a dropbox for selecting your time range of when it will notify you. Unfortunately the minimum is 1-2 hours before. If you got a reminder closer than 1 hour to your event then it was probably an issue with the delivery mechanism that SMS uses.

Posted: May 19, 2009
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Posted by Joel:
The page where you setup SMS reminders has a dropbox for selecting your time range of when it will notify you.

This is what I was getting at by asking Aykay what reminder setting was being used. If it was left as the default (1-2hrs.), then most of the reminders would be coming in when they should. The 1 hour late reminders are obviously not getting through properly or quickly enough. It might be worth setting up an email address with the same lead time setting as the SMS address. That way, assuming Toodledo sends out the reminders at the exact same time, you would be able to tell if it is something with the carrier. If the emails routinely get there on time, but the SMS is sometimes late, you can bet it is the carrier. As I said, Sprint used to do this to me. It was completely random, and they never gave a satisfactory explanation of why it was happening.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 19, 2009
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As you can imagine, Toodledo sends a lot of reminder emails. If you have selected the 1-2 hour window, we start sending the reminders 1 hour ahead of time, but because we have many reminders to send, it may up to an hour for us to get to your reminder and have it sent. Your reminder will be sent 1-2 hours ahead of the task. On top of this, you have carrier delays which can make it even slower.

We do plan to have more customizable and shorter reminder leadtimes in a future update.
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