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Short Term Goals


Posted: Aug 17, 2009
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Is there a way to include the short term goals as a task?

I started using the Goals option and went through to break up lifetime longterm and short term goals

Lifetime -> Personal SelfImprovement
Long Term -> Learn to Play Guitar Better

Short Term Goals
-> Learn 1 new scale a week
-> Learn 1 rift a week
-> Record 3+ songs a week
-> Listen to songs 4X a week (YUK)
-> Practice 45 Minutes (encompassing above)

I thought that short term goals would show up on the task list. Shouldn't either that happen or another level be on the Goal Page where actual tasks can be entered while you're still have the visual of the Goals in front of you?

More immediate, is there a way to port short term goals to tasks without re-entering and doing copy paste?

Posted: Aug 17, 2009
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The things you have listed as short term goals would work better as tasks marked with the long term goal. You can't add tasks on the goal management screen, but you can use Goals view to manage your tasks with the visual of your Goals in front of you: http://www.toodledo.com/views/goal.php

Also, there is no way to convert a Goal to a Task without copy and paste. You could copy them all though, and then paste them together into the Add Multiple Tasks screen: http://www.toodledo.com/bulk.php
Then you can also assign them all the long term goal at once as well.
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