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Improvement suggestion: Hiding folders


Posted: Sep 27, 2009
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I've been using Toodledo close to a year now and it's getting really good.
Now, I'm trying to figure out a way of handling my Active projects.
I create one Folder for each Project. This is the way I've understood Gavid Allen and it's so far working pretty well.
But I'm having some issues with how to separating Active projects from Non-active ones.
I try doing my weekly review and of course I feel obliged to go through all of my projects to make sure I have everything on track.
Now, when I'm done with my weekly review I'm supposed to know what is to get done the coming week. It's a bit of an issue to have to see all of the Projects/Folders in the Folder list, even the ones that are Non-active. Alot of my projects don't have any actionable items until way ahead in time and it would be a huge benefit for me to be able to hide them from the Folder view.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 28, 2009
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If you go to the folder management section you can re-order folders to put inactive ones at the bottom, and you can archive folders that you don't want to see anymore. Will that help?

Posted: Sep 28, 2009
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I know it's a personal choice but this is one of many reasons why I don't use Folders to manage individual projects.

I use the Parent/Sub-task method. I am also a GTD'er.

Posted: Sep 29, 2009
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Sure, I guess I can hide my inactive projects at the bortom, at least for now. Unless you already got a feature suggestion for hiding folders, please add this to your list.
Thank you for your feedback people, I appreciate it.
Vin Thomas

Posted: Sep 29, 2009
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I am with Proximo. I don't use folders to manage projects. If you use parent tasks for projects, you can assign a -1 priority to that parent task and then filter those out of view. It is simple, and allows you to re-enable the project if you have to.
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