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Problems with non-English characters in ical links (Google Calen

Martin Strandbygaard

Posted: Jul 11, 2008
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When subscribing to the webcal://*****.cal link (NOT the widget) in Google calendar, national alphabet letters don't show up right in the tasks that are shown in Google Calendar.

In my case, Danish æ, ø, and å become non-printable characters, shown as rectangles or similar non-printable ASCII.

I've verified this on Windows XP in both Firefox v3 and IE7. I haven't tested on Mac yet. In FF the problems persists regardless of the default character encoding.

Is this a known problem or a config issue?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jul 11, 2008
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I know it sounds crazy, but we think the problem is with Google. When we use the same iCal link in other calendar programs (Apple's iCal for example), it works as expected. We'll keep looking into it to see if there is a workaround.

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