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Coordinating syncs


Posted: Oct 31, 2009
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I am trying to sync toodledo with outlook (toodledo sync) my windows mobile (nuevasync) and eventually with my wife's itouch. If I want to make sure all devices are in sync, how should I go about it. I sometimes end up with duplicates and don't know which one's to delete. If I wanted to start fresh, in what order should I set up these syncs?


David Todd

Posted: Oct 31, 2009
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Sync with the iPhone is rock solid. Nuevasync's service has only had a couple of small issues so far for me. I don't use Outlook, but that sync app is probably the most likely of the three to cause sync errors. Still, I'm not sure it matters what order you set the sync up in. Though I would probably set up Outlook first to make sure that gets working properly before getting the other ones going.

As for diagnosing problems, you can do that pretty well from the site. For any deletions, you can see what was the cause by viewing recently deleted tasks in your Account Settings. For duplications, you can see where a task was created by hovering your cursor over the check box. It will say when the task was created at the bottom of the popup window, and where it was created if it was not the website.

Posted: Oct 31, 2009
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That's very helpful. Thank you.
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