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Posted: Mar 16, 2008
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As a heavy user of Jott, I like being able to jott a to do item to Toodledo while in the car or in a store and worry about reviewing it and inevitably fixing transcription errors later.

When I get to the computer and bring up Toodledo, there is no place to go in order to see all of the new tasks that need to be fine-tuned.

For me, the inbox is simply all tasks that do not have a context assigned since I ALWAYS assign a context to tasks. If I read correctly in another topic that smart folders or saved searches are coming, that would solve this problem for me.

Another option would be have a default folder just like we have a default context. Then one of my projects/folders would be Inbox and I could assign it as the default.

Having an "Inbox" as a context, let alone the default context, seems wrong to me.

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Posted: Mar 16, 2008
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so, why not use the "no context" tab in the context section? if you´re really assigning contexts to all of you tasks, this would make a great inbox, wouldn´t it?

Posted: Mar 16, 2008
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You are absolutely correct. I was not thorough in my explanation. The real issue for me is that for the views that I use all of the time, I would like easily accessible links in the left-hand column.

Right now that column contains one large bunch of links that get me to each module of the site. From there, there are usually another set of links/tabs/filters to get to a specific view of the data.

Come to think of it, I am asking for smart folders and for allowing me to put links to them (as well as links to existing views/tabs) in a special section of the left-hand column. My issue is not that it is difficult to get to the different views. It is that I switch between those views all of the time and would like to have that more streamlined.

Inbox: <same as the No Context tab under Context>
Context by Due: <same as the Due Date tab under Context>
Context by Priority: <same as the Priority tab under Context>
Hotlist: <the hotlist>
Errands: show all of the tasks for my three "errands" contexts grouped by context, sorted by context, task name

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 16, 2008
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Once we enhance our search page, I think that you will be able to create a saved search for each of your criteria and then easily switch between them by clicking the different tabs.
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