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How do I get repeating tasks to drop off? Checkbox didn't work


Posted: May 05, 2010
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I have a number of monthly repeating tasks as subtasks to a monthly repeating task.

I am looking at them in Tag view

The master task currently has a date of 12/1/2009. Currently most of the subtasks have a date of 12/1/2009, other dates these tasks have are 5/4/10, 4/6/10, 3/3/10, and 1/21/10.

I clicked the checkbox on all the 12/1/09 dated tasks including the master task, yet they still show up in the tag view.

But when I look in the overdue view, I don't see any of them there even though I know that the more recent ones should be.

I think I'm using this repeating tasks wrong. Any suggestions on how to more effectively use this feature?

Posted: May 05, 2010
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A bit more info:
When I look in the Due-Date View, under Next 30 days, I only see 5 of the tasks and I should have about 20 that are due on June 1st.

Posted: May 05, 2010
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More info:

OK, I'm in the Tags view and looking at the full details. I guess I was looking at the date that I created the task, not the date that it was next due. In the full details mode, I can see the next due date, and see that some of them aren're until July, so I'm thinking I checked off the June completions.

Ahhh... now I have that view sorted by due date and I can see even in summary mode the due dates instead of the create date.
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