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Search feature on iphone app


Posted: Jul 10, 2010
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Working with toodledo essentialy on the go, a Search feature would really help me. It's available in the web interface but not on the Iphone app.
Would be nice to see it in a coming update.

Thanks for all your hardwork.

Posted: Jul 10, 2010
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If you're talking about a general search, if you scroll up a bit on any list, the search bar will show up.

If you're taking about the multi-tiered, complex saved search feature on the site, ya, that'd be great to have mobiley.

Posted: Jul 10, 2010
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I wasn't even aware of that hidden search, scrolling up. Thanks for the tip.
I had in mind a "multi-tiered" feature thoug, yer.
The search doesn't pick up what is not in the thread you're in. And mostly I am using a due date list, and if it's not in the coming week then I have to get out to a list which embeds all tasks to perform the search again.
But again, at least there is a mobile solution :D
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