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?????? What is "Recently"? added, Completed and Modified ??????


Posted: Sep 14, 2010
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To Devs :
How often do you think we add a task very quickly then when we have time go back to it for completing details?

Very, Very Often !

Do I really need to explain why a sort by Date added is 100x better than the current ? "cutoff tasks modified lated than 7 day ago" (Same)

As if 7 days ago magically matter more than 8 days ago.
The task I added 2 min ago is the only one that matter 90% of the time,

Suggestion : rename "recently ..." with "... in the last 7 days"
So we stop expecting anything more from that tab.

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Posted: Sep 14, 2010
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I've read this post, and the post you linked to, and I'm still not clear what you are asking for. I *think* I like what you are suggesting, but if I'm not clear, perhaps the devs aren't clear either.

Reminder: just because something is obvious to you, it may not be to others. I would have thought that was obvious. ;)

Posted: Sep 14, 2010
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Is this any better ?

I would like to share a personal experience, Very Often I add a task in a hurry and once I have time, I go back to it for completing details.

When I click "recently added" I expect to see it there easily, but instead, I see a pages full of tasks I added long ago.

Sorry I can't say "I would like "Recent .. tasks" to be sorted by RECENTNESS, Please... "

I can only say, This is definitely wrong, and am confident with it being Obvious.


I have my workaround to this problem so anyhow Jake can only be grateful peoples take the time to point to such obviousness in length.

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Posted: Sep 26, 2010
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I agree, even with only 10 task in this "newly created" tab it is very tiresome to search for it.

I've once exported / imported all my task and couldn't use this tab for 2 week as they would all be newly added.

It shouldn't be very hard to fix.

Posted: Sep 26, 2010
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Agreed - and it would be better if you could set this view to be sorted by date added so that field is visible without affecting all other tabs on the Main view.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Oct 18, 2010
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I have filed this suggestion as a duplicate of "allow sorting options to be unique on a per-tab basis".

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