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tabindex for "new task" panel


Posted: Oct 07, 2010
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One of my favorite features of toodledo is the ease of adding a new task, particularly by keyboard. Most tasks require only six keystrokes (minus writing the actual task), depending on your setup. For me, it's:
- "n" to get new task panel, begin typing the task name (the cursor is already in the box! awesome!)
- "tab" to get to folders
- "tab" to get to dates
- "tab" to get to repeat
- "tab" + "enter", task is now saved

For that reason, the new addition of "add multiple tasks" and "import tasks" - the first of which I welcome greatly, the second of which I don't think I'll ever use - kind of screws me up, but can be easily fixed. I now have to tab past both of those links to get from the task name textbox to the "folders" dropdown.

So, the request here is: can you add a "tabindex" attribute to the forms such that the links are last in line. Reading the tabindex spec, this may be a pain, since you can't just "put it last"; you'd have to actively put everything else first, which I imagine could be a royal PITA, depending on how you have your forms generated. Well, you're the smart developer; here's my feature request. :) Thanks!

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Oct 07, 2010
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We will look into it.

Incidentally, this can also be controlled by your OS/browser. There must be a setting somewhere to cause the tab key to skip over links when in a form. I remember setting this sometime ago (dont remember where or how) on my computer and now my tab key skips over the links as you are asking for.

Edit: Just found it. At least in safari. Preferences > Advanced > Uncheck "Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage"

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Posted: Oct 08, 2010
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Thanks, I had forgotten about that. I like to keep that checked, as it makes form submission faster, but I can just use option-tab as it says to skip those links. I'll try getting used to that. Thanks for the feedback!

Posted: Oct 08, 2010
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+1 ...Unless you know of a setting in Chrome.

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