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Next Actions in iPhone Hotlist - or was I dreaming?


Posted: Jan 22, 2011
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I swear this morning I saw an option to include Next Actions in my hotlist on the iPhone. But then I checked in ToodleDo online, and that feature is not there. I went back to the iPhone app (having changed Hotlist to follow online settings) and changed to different settings. Lo and behold, the option was no longer there.

If there is any thought of adding that, it would be amazingly helpful!

Posted: Jan 22, 2011
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I solved my own mystery. That option is available both online and in the app - but only if (duh) you have Status enabled. This is great.

I use folders to manage my workflow:

Next Actions
Week's Goals
(plus a few others)

I STAR tasks that I will do today or week's goals. This ensures that the things I need to accomplish are in my face when I look at the Star list (and avoids me having to use custom searches).

I use the hotlist and Next Actions to determine what I should work on next after doing all my starred items. But I always wanted a way to force things I wanted to do soon, but not today, into my hotlist without adding another layer of folders.

So now: I plan to use the Next Action STATUS for just this purpose! I won't maintain any other statuses, just basically use it as a "force to hotlist" feature, much like Taska allows you to force things onto your Action list.

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