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Displaying tasks on Google Calendar


Posted: Dec 02, 2008
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As I understand it, my options are to add Toodledo as a clanedar (in which case it shows up as a checkbox which I can click to see my tasks) OR add it as an iCal URL.

I have added both and can't see any difference after adding iCal URL. I guess what I was expecting was a listing of qualifying tasks along side or after the Google calendar entries.

I often use the "Agenda" view in Google because it saves paper and gives me a succinct view of what's coming up. In this context, it would be nice to show my task list somewhere. I seldom date my tasks but do use priorities and categories (kind of like your "Status").

So, is there a way I can get my tasks (or at least those that are elegible) to display on my calendar/agenda in one common print? Or are they different beasts which cannot be integrated?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 03, 2008
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The iCal URL should print your tasks directly on your calendar if they have a due-date and due-time. If it isn't then you may not have imported the iCal link into Google Calendar properly.

Hope that helps
The Mind Doctor

Posted: Dec 03, 2008
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I have tried copying and pasting the google ical link, the "other" ical link to google calendar. Everything syncs well. But when I try to add any subsequent task(with due date/time) it does not get updated in google calendar. This is very frustrating, as I want to get SMS reminders from google for Toodledo tasks

Please help!!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 03, 2008
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That is because Google only syncs once a day and there is no way that we know of to make Google sync faster. You might want to let Google know that this is something that you want.
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