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Google Sync, Toodledo and iPhone - The Trio does the magic

Anurag Bansal

Posted: Feb 10, 2009
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I am a heavy Toodledo user on my iPhone. At the same time I use Google Apps for my domain, so I am a Gmail fan too.
You might be aware that Google recently launched a service for iPhone and other mobile users - Google Sync. People can sync their Gmail contacts and Calendar to iPhone.
So I thought why not try Toodledo to sync my tasks to Gmail Calendar and hence in turn try the iphone calendar to have the tasks I add to my Ultimate Todo's application on iphone.

To do this I did some tricks and made it work. Thanks to the Live iCal service Toodledo provides and Google Sync.

The process flow is shown below:

Check out the article explaining all the details:
http://www.knowli z.com/2009/02/sync-todos-and-tasks-on-iphone-for-free.html

Please don't consider it a self promotion, I am just trying to return my favour by helping people use these services better.

I will appreciate any suggestion you have for me to improve the article and to add any new feature which I might have skipped.


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