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Outlook automation to create Toodledo Task


Posted: Feb 21, 2009
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I just found this site today (someone I work with swears by this site) and have setup a folder structure for my direct reports. Because a good percentage of my communication regarding assigning projects is done in outlook at work, I wanted to have a way to automatically update Toodledo with projects that I have assigned to my team.

Using rules in outlook, I set outlook to look for an email from me to me containing *[team member name] in the subject line and then have it redirect it to my secret toodledo email address. So, when I send an email to one of my staff requesting a project be completed, I will simply include *[team members name] along with a #2/21/09 for the due date in the subject of the email and will be sure to CC Me.

Outlook will see an email from me to me and will see the *[team member name] and sends the email to toodledo, which assigns the task to the correct folder with the correct due date and includes the body of the email in the notes.


To: Me
Subject: Budget process gannt chart *Tom #2/27/09

You may have a more elegant way of doing this but this seems like a very low tech way to eliminate duplicate keying and ensure that I don't have to remember to swith over to toodledo to add the task.
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