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Menu behavior in Toodledo site not like most other menus


Posted: Jun 27, 2012
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When I have to select from a drop-down list, I expect to be able to type put focus on the list, type the letters of the item I want, and have it highlighted. Then I click or hit enter to accept that selection. Alternatively, if not programmed to let me type the whole word, I expect to be able to type the first letter repeatedly and have it cycle through items with that letter, or let me arrow up and down in the list.

Toodledo behaves like this: You can type the first letter, (e.g., T toget to the "To Do" folder) but it then automatically accepts that. You can't arrow up or down repeatedly or use the repeated first character technique to move through the list. You have to use the mouse and scroll

I think I see why they did this, but as someone witha disability who relies on KB shortcuts and minimizes mouse use it's REALLY frustrating.

Can this be fixed or is there a work-around? Thanks

Posted: Jun 27, 2012
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I bet you are using Chrome or IE. Both used to work correctly, now Firefox is the only browser I know that works properly.


Your point about "most other menus" is valid. I prefer Chrome, and this is annoying, particularly when plenty of drop downs on other sites work just fine in Chrome. (including Toodledo Slim!) I'm submitting a bug report.
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