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Prioritizing your subtasks


Posted: Mar 11, 2009
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How do you go about prioritizing your subtasks, or your ordinary tasks for that matter, when it comes to tasks that almost has flow-chart types of actions?

For instance, I have to do these in a specific order but not necessarily in a specific space in time;
Main task: Go visit grandma
1: Get car
2: Take care of laundry
3: Pick up sister
4: Drive
5: Eat at Route 66
6: Drive
7: If grandma has forgotten anything, shop at the local store
8: Drive until we get to grandma's house
Any suggestions as how to manage situations like these when they are truly linear if nothing unexpected happens would be great.

Posted: Mar 11, 2009
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I've wondered the same thing, though I rarely have so many subtasks that I can't see at a glance what order they should be executed in.

But here are some ideas:

1. Put the list numbers in the task name, then do a secondary sort on Alphabetical.

2. If the tasks don't overlap in time, do a secondary sort on start date or end date.

3. If you're not using tags, put sorting numbers in the tags, then do secondary sort on tag.
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