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IFTTT & Gmail to return all Top Tasks at a given time each day

Jeffrey Epstein

Posted: Sep 01, 2013
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I like to see all my 3 Top Tasks at 6:00 AM so I remember what is most important before my day gets going in full gear.

What I do is send an IFTTT email to my gmail account at 6:00 AM with "? !!!" in the subject line and "IFTTT sent to toodledo" in the body.

I then set a filter in Gmail that whenever an email comes in containing the phrase "IFTTT send to toodledo" it forwards the email to my toodledo email address and skips the inbox of my gmail account.

By doing that my toodledo's gets an email at 6:00 AM with ? !!! and sends me back all me 3 Top Priority emails.

You can vary the subject line to get lots of other results sent back to you. You can refer to the bottom section of this page http://www.toodledo.com/info/help_email.php Retrieving Tasks Via Email section.

Not sure if this helps others, let me know as I have many more tips and tricks. Also, if there is another way to do this I would like to hear that too. Or if you take this to the next level and find other ways to return cool lists of tasks I would like to hear about those too. Thirsty for Toodledo knowledge.
Jeffrey Epstein

Posted: Sep 01, 2013
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A few items I missed.

I only send it on weekdays (that is a setting in IFTTT)

I used to send items due today at 7:30 AM based on due date by sending "? #today" in the subject and the same text in the subject.
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