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Finally dropping my TD grocery list


Posted: Jun 20, 2014
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Almost 2 years ago, I posted here that I had created a grocery list app using a TD free account. http://www.toodledo.com/forums/3/15385/-77997/a-td-grocery-list.html

It worked well for a while, but has become, like it's predecessor, slow and kludgy feeling. It didn't scroll well and adding new items was not easy. This is nothing against TD as it is not intended for this purpose, and I was just using it because I had it, knew how to adopt it to my needs, and I was fed up with the one I'd been using for years and had spent a lot of time looking at grocery list apps for what I wanted.

So I finally went back and started looking for a grocery app that has all the features I wanted, and this time, I found one. It's called Grocery Gadget and it has the main feature I had so much trouble finding is the ability to have multiple stores per item because I shop regularly at 4 different grocery stores. GG can do that and considerably more, and it has a mostly intuitive, if not a bit odd, interface that I figured out in a few minutes of playing with it. It's much faster and more intuitive for a grocery list, and works very well for my purposes. By the way, I have no financial interest in GG, just giving it my recommendation.

So I'm no longer using TD for my grocery list and am happy to be moving on. Again, this is not to be interpreted as a criticism of TD as a task manager in any way, it's just less than ideal as a grocery list tool, though it's served the purpose for almost 2 years. It just shows how flexible it can be.

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Posted: Jul 21, 2014
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I don't know if GG is iOS or Android but for Android Mighty Grocery can also have the same item on multiple lists. Might Grocery also can sync between multiple users for a shared shopping experience. This is great for when me and the wife are shopping together, divide and conquer with real time list updates.

Posted: Jul 22, 2014
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I had used List Master for Android for several years as my grocery list, but had been looking for something else as it had become crash prone and the developer seemed to have stopped work on it. After reviewing several apps, I too settled on Mighty Grocery. I'm still getting it set up the way I want on the free version of the app so I can test it.

I wanted an app with a actual pick list that I could check against when preparing a shopping list. Unlike Mighty Grocery, this seemed to be rarity among the other apps.

If it meets my needs, I'll purchase the app for myself and my wife for syncing purposes. Ben, have you had any hiccups with the sync?

Posted: Jul 23, 2014
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We've not had any hiccups with the sync. I can see when my wife checks items off in near real time (of course presumes a data connection of some sort) it is not instant but close enough. I've actually used this to track down where she is in a store :-)

It was a little wonky to get set up initially but once I got past that all was good. You do have to remember to force a sync of the store list on your devices as that part is not automatic. Lists for each store sync automatically.

Posted: Jul 23, 2014
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Been using Grocery Gadget on my iPhone for a month now, and am very please with it. It has a somewhat quirky interface, as I mentioned above, but I like quirky as long as it's not obtuse or complicated, which GG is not. It takes me a fraction of the time it took with TD to simply mark an item to be on my list for that week. In all fairness, I was running TD thru Chrome and the slim site, which is definitely not optimal. Would have been much quicker using the iOS TD app for sure.

It did lock up a few times at first, but either the app has settled down since, or maybe they did a fix. In any case, it hasn't done that in quite a while. One related criticism, I posted a query about this problem on their website a month ago, but never got a reply. So apparently, there is no support. Fortunately, I haven't needed any since.

I recommend GG if you have a long shopping list and shop at multiple stores. It also can track different costs and aisles at different stores, coupons, multiple shoppers and probably your shoe size, if you want. If you can get past that first qualm, if you have it, with the interface, it does just about everything you could want in a shopping app.
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