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Suggestion: autocomplete


Posted: May 14, 2009
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I only recently discovered Toodledo and am completely in love with it. As far as I am concerned, there are only two things that would make it *perfect*.

The first one, creating subtasks, is clearly about to happen, as we've been talking about in creating subtasks thread.

The other one I haven't seen mentioned, so I figured i'd pipe up: autocomplete/create for folders and contexts. As many of us use folders for projects, we should be creating new ones frequently. It would enhance the Toodledo experience dramatically if instead of a dropdown it was an autocomplete field, tags-style. I find myself so often going, "Oh, right. No context for that."

If this were available, I think I'd be ready to put up a Toodledo yard sign and register to vote. :-)

Posted: May 14, 2009
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I also would like a way to create folders/contexts on the fly, but I'm not sure I would want autocomplete over the drop down list. I would prefer if there was an option like "New" on the drop down that would allow you to enter a new folder, etc.

Toodledo yard signs would be awesome. "Toodledo for Emperor" or something like that. Toodledo is really missing out on a big merchandising opportunity. When can I get my t-shirts and bumper stickers, and Toodledo action figures?

Posted: May 15, 2009
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Both good points. OmniFocus has an excellent version of autocomplete for contentxts. You are presented with an input field, and the contexts are listed below it. You may select one by clicking, or keep typing. As you type, fewer choices appear. Eventually, you select the one you want and go. I am primarily referring to their iphone app as that's what i used this most (though I remember the desktop had something that worked very similarly).

Dear Toodledo, I'd be happy to put together the javascript widget that would enable it to happen if you'd like to tap me! That said, it's obvious you have more than enough talent to do the job. Still, my job is to offer. :-)

Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 15, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion.
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