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Using as a shot list or checklist


Posted: May 18, 2008
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I don't use the tasks in the traditional sense, but instead use it as a shot list when photographing weddings. A few tricks I learned to make it useful for this alternative purpose:

Turn off all fields in the settings except for Folder, Task, star and trash.

To keep the shot list in sequence, you can number your entries with a prefix of 001, 002, 010, etc. and then display in alphabetical order.

Once you create your master list, export it to a tab delimited file to create a template.

Use folder names to assign each list in a folder to different customers.

Do a find replace of the folder names using your normal text editor and resave to a new name.

Then you can import the new file with new folder name back to Toodledo to create a list for another customer.

Use the star field to mark extra important items on the list or headings.

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Posted: Jul 19, 2008
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i'm also a photographer, but i wanted a workflow checklist. though a shot list would be good too.

i guess this would work. but i asked for task templates and hopefully that will be implemented eventually.

thanks for the workaround.
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