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Total Estimated Lengths by Subtotal or Category

Big Fred

Posted: Oct 04, 2010
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If you highlight the javascript below and drag it to your Safari bookmark bar (and then give this bookmarklet a name), then after any sort in Toodledo you can see how long the subtotals will take per subtotal. For instance, if you sort by Tag (and if the tag names are A, B, C and D, then clicking on your new bookmarklet will tell you how long you've estimated it will take -- in total -- for each Tag. Hope this is clear!

javascript:var%20o=0;var%20o2='';var%20o3=0;var%20s='';var%20sd='';var%20myto=0;var%20it='';var%20v= 0;var%20d=document.body.innerHTML;var%20c=document.getElementsByClassName('sep');for(i=0;i<c.leng th;i++){if(i+1==c.length){myto=9999999;}%20else%20{myto=d.indexOf(c[i+1].innerHTML);}s=d.substring(d .indexOf(c[i].innerHTML),myto);%20sd=s.match(/len[^>]+>([^<]+)<\/span>/ig);for(j=0;j<sd.len gth;j++){if(sd[j].indexOf('none')%20<%201){%20sd[j].match(/(\d*\.?\d+)%20min|(\d*\.?\d+)%20hour/i );o=o+(isNaN(RegExp.$1)?0:RegExp.$1-0)+((isNaN(RegExp.$2)?0:RegExp.$2-0)*60);}};if(typeof%20c[i].inn erText=='undefined'){it=c[i].textContent;}else{it=c[i].innerText;}v=(o-0)/60;o2=o2+it+'%20-%20'+Math .floor(v)+'%20hours and '+Math.round((v-Math.floor(v))*60)+' minutes\n';o3=o3+v;o=0;};d=new%20Date();var%20o5=d.getHours()+':'+('0'+d.getMinutes()).slice(-2);d.s etMinutes(d.getMinutes()+(o3*60));var%20o4=d.getHours()+':'+('0'+d.getMinutes()).slice(-2);alert(o2+ '\nTotal%20Estimated%20Lengths:%20'+Math.floor(o3)+'%20hours and '+Math.round((o3-Math.floor(o3))*60)+' minutes\n\nCurrent%20time%20-%20'+o5+'\nEnd%20time%20-%20'+o4);

Thanks to atsushi.hirata for the original code. Thanks to Eric Tucker of First National Bank of America for modifying it.

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