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How to Reduce Time Wasted on E-mails?


Posted: Mar 10, 2012
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Obviously, the aim for time management is to work more effectively and efficiently. E-mails are one of the most

convenient and inexpensive ways for communications in nowadays. However, most have the experience that there

is so much time has to be spent on e-mails. Here are some tips to help you reduce time wasted on e-mails.

1. Turn off prompting tone of e-mails receiving

It can prevent you from the unsuspecting disturbing of the e-mail receiving prompting tone when you concentrate your

mind on work.

2. Reduce the frequency for e-mails checking

Usually, I check my e-mails on fixed time, that is , 9 am and 2pm. I will not turn to other tasks until I take care well all

the new received e-mails then although the frequency for e-mails checking is reduced. This is the application of batch


3. Be sure your e-mails is clear enough to express what you want to say

It can prevent you from receiving another e-mail with inquiring if the receiver cannot understand the meaning you'd like to

express in your previous e-mail. It is useful to separate a very long e-mails to several parts with one key point in each

that can help the reader fell easy to know what you want to express. I also will look through my written e-mail to see

if there is something I didn't express clearly or something need to be added before sending it out. This is helpful to

reduce the unnecessary time wasted on communication.

4. Do not open forwarder e-mails

Some of my friends will forwarder lots of e-mails, such as interesting articles or information for investment, to me. You

can set such kind of e-mails to junk or remove them to to read list that can be read when you are free. It is not good to

keep such e-mails in inbox.

5. Choose a e-mail servicer with good spam filter

It is useful to choose a e-mail servicer with good spam filter. The spam filter of gmail I am using is not bad.

6. Set your own contacts for e-mails sending

You can send kinds of e-mails to groups of receivers by using your contacts. It is helpful to save time.

7. Try to keep the inbox empty if it is possible

I will try to keep my inbox empty that I will not have the confusion that which e-mails have been taken care or not when

I go to the inbox. I will move these e-mails that I cannot take care instantly to to do list and those need to be read

to to read. Then you will find there are only new receiving e-mails when you open the inbox that much time for

checking can be saved.

It is a good choice for communication via e-mails, but we also need to reduce the unnecessary time wasted on them to

work more effectively and efficiently.

(This is extracted from "TABB" http://www.tabb.ca/blogs.php)

Posted: Mar 16, 2012
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"The spam filter of gmail I am using is not bad."

IMO Gmail's is actually one of the best, I'm very impressed with Gmail's spam filtering.

And if you are using Gmail, I'd highly recommend ActiveInbox. It works great with this type of method.
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